Meet our Speakers

Here are our first confirmations

Fernando Matos
Presidente DSPA
Co-Founder at Closer

Erika Fille T. Legara
Associate Professor, Aboitiz Chair in Data Science, Academic Program Director,
Master of Science in Data Science,
Deputy Managing Director, ACCeSs@AIM

Pedro Pita Barros
Professor of Economics at Nova School of Business and Economics

Sandra Maximiano
Associate Professor at ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management

Paulo Maurício
Tech Manager – Analytics & Cognitive at Deloitte

Daniel Traça
Dean at Nova School of Business and Economic

Miguel Moreira
Vice President DSPA
Independent Consultant

Ricardo Chaves
Chief Commercial Officer at SIBS

Cátia Silva e Santos

Manager @Closer Consulting

Miguel Gonçalves
Executive Commander at Spark Agency

Susana Lavado

Postdoctoral Researcher @Nova School of Business and Economics

Pedro Saleiro
Data Science Manager at Feedzai

Boris Tchikoulaev
Team Lead – Business Intelligence & Data Science @Xpand IT

Maria João Carioca

Executive Board Member @ CGD

Rui Afeiteira
Knowledge & Innovation Lead @BI4ALL

Fernando Resina da Silva
Vice President DSPA
Partner at Vieira de Almeida & Associados

Ricardo Macieira

Country Manager @Revolut Portugal

Marisa Tschopp

Researcher @ scip AG, Women in AI Ambassador Switzerland

David Marçal
Science Writer

André Marques
AI & Data Science Lead @BI4ALL

Lénia Mestrinho

Data Science Knowledge Center Executive Director & Academic Adviser in Consulting Labs (M.Sc.) and Business Projects @Nova SBE

Aziz Mulay-Shah

Managing Director – Public Affairs and Strategy @ Global Communications Agency Middle East FFZ

Diego Costa Pinto

Assistant Professor @Nova IMS

Nadim Habib

Visiting Professor @ Nova SBE

Vasco Afonso

Head of Public Cloud @ Claranet

Miguel Carvalho

Vice President @ DSPA

Carlos Galveias

Associate Partner – Cognitive and AI Business Transformation @ IBM/SOFTINSA

Maria José Campos

Executive Board Member @ Millenium bcp

Matthias Peitz

Policy Lead, Global Tech Panel Secretariat @Tunisia at European Union

Diogo Lourenço

 Industry Leader for Manufacturing and CPG @ SAS

Steven Braekeveldt

CEO Ageas Portugal Group and CEO Continental Europe Ageas

João Oliveira Martins

Partner @ Pathena

Rui Monteiro

Business Intelligence & Analytics CC Manager @ TAP