DSPA Data Science Portuguese Association

DSPA is a non-profit organization of individuals and collectives with the purpose of developing, enhancing, enabling and promoting Data Science.

Who we are Board

Fernando Matos | President
Co-Founder at Closer

Allen Vasconcelos | Vice-President
Deputy Marketing Director at EDP
Daniel Barradas | Vice-President
Founder at Live Sketching
João Cruz | Vice-President
Partner and Co-Founder at Closer
Luís Bettencourt Moniz | Vice-President
Marketing Manager at SAS
Luís Duarte | Vice-Presidente
Director at KPMG
Maria Conceição Mota | Vice-President
BI & Financial Apps Manager at Fidelidade
Miguel Castro Neto | Vice-President
Professor and Associate Dean at Nova IMS
Miguel Moreira | Vice-President
Independent Consultant
Miguel Raposo Alves | Vice-President
CEO at Odell Global Investors
Nuno Araújo | Vice-President
Professor at Lisbon University
Luís Duarte | Vice-President
Director at KPMG
Guilherme Pereira
Executive director

Who we are Board of Directors

Miguel Carvalho | President
Founder and CEO at yubuy
Fernando Resina da Silva | Vice President
Partner at Vieira de Almeida & Associados
Manuel Dias | Vice-President
Business Analytics Lead at Microsoft

Who we are Supervisory Board

Pedro Miranda | Presidente
Diretor Geral at SIBS Processos
João Geraldes | Vice-President
Professor Universitário ISCTE e I. Piaget
André Rufino | Vogal
Senior Manager at AGEAS