DSPA Code of Ethics and Conduct

Código de Ética e Conduta da DSPA



DSPA – Data Science Portuguese Association, founded in early 2018, is the first Portuguese - non-profit organization - created in the national territory in the field of Data Science, representing the increasing criticality and impact of this sector on both personal and social lives, as well as on corporations and public entities.

The purpose of DSPA is to To Empower Data Science for a better World. To that end, the DSPA serves as a platform to foster dialogue in the field of Data Science on a national and international level. To that end the DSPA has the following objectives:

  • Strengthening the Data Science competences developed in Portugal by various actors;
  • Transforming the country into one of the world's leaders in the advancement of knowledge;
  • The creation of an industry-wide value chain, boosting and leading critical issues such as ethics and regulation; and
  • The coordination between the various quarters of civil society all of which very relevant impacts on the lives of people, businesses, society and the national economy.

As mentioned, one of the main objectives of the DSPA is the promotion of Regulation, Ethics and Safety in all activities relating to Data Science. To that end, we have developed a set of principles and norms to guide the activity of Members of DSPA, and all those who, not being Associates, wish to adopt the best ethical principles and practices conduct in Data Science.

This Code is without prejudice the application of applicable legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Law.




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