Meet the speakers!

Aalok Y Shukla

Founder and CEO at MIA Making Intelligence Accessible & Implement AI 

André Melo

Chief Data Officer at Acceleration Portugal

Anne Geubelle

CEO at Prologica Healthcare

Carlos Gomes

Chief Operations Officer at Magma Studio

Cátia Silva Santos

Data Science Manager at Feedzai

Cátia Pesquita

Associate Professor at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

Daniel Custódio

Senior Manager at Deloitte

Daniel Duarte

Senior Manager at Deloitte

Diogo Queiroz Almeida

DSPA Playbook & Gen AI Certified

Fernando Matos

President at DSPA

Filipe Santos

Dean at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics

Ernesto Pedrosa

CEO at Automaise

Guilherme Ramos Pereira

Executive Director at DSPA

Isabel Horta

Head of Customer Intelligence & Data Science at Universo Sonae

João Blümel


João Pires da Cruz

Co-Founder and Partner at Closer

Jorge Loupa

Tableau Portugal Account Executive at Salesforce

Luís Bettencourt Moniz

Founder at FoxP2

João Andrade Costa

Founder at FoxP2

Miguel Godinho Matos

Professor at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics

Luís Metelo

Head of Information Systems and Security at Recuperar Portugal

Marco Pinheiro

Head of Data & AI CC at Digital Global Unit - EDP

Francisco Maria Santos

Head of Generative AI CC at Digital Global Unit - EDP

Ricardo Chaves

Executive Director at BPI AI Center of Excellence

Ricardo Galante

Principal Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Advisor at SAS

Ricardo Gonçalves

Head of Center for Artificial Intelligence & Analytics at Fidelidade

Ricardo Ferreira Reis

Director at CEA (Applied Research) and CESOP - Catolica Sondagens (Polling and Public Opinion) Centers

Pedro Brandão

Head of the Center of Excellence for Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence & Market and Customer Intelligence Director at NOS Comunicações

Inês Pacheco

Connectivity Pre-Sales Lead at Capgemini Engineering

Mayuri Tendulkar

Director in Software and Digital Innovation Team at Capgemini Engineering

Pedro Corista

Technical Authority for the Energy Industry | Senior Data & AI Engineer at Capgemini Engineering

Luis Doutor Simões

Tech lead for Data & AI initiatives at Capgemini Engineering