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19 - 20 September | Nova SBE, Carcavelos, Portugal


Enterprise, Startups, Investors and Deep Tech Brains will all gather in the inspiring city of Lisbon for two smashing days of learning, sharing and networking!

Data Science Enterprise Stories

Real life stories that illustrate how AI and machine learning are being used across industries to help drive business transformation.

Deep Technical Talks

Go deep with the brightest and most influential people on deep learning, cognitive services, robotics, autonomous vehicles, among many other topics.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence 

Ground-breaking new innovations in AI soon to go into full-scale application. What will be the impact in 10 years? When will we reach General AI?

Startups, Scale Ups and Unicorns

Venture-backed artificial intelligence companies have secure more than $.19 billion in the first quarter of 2018. Meet some of them!

Urban Data Science

The benefitis of Data science understanding the dynamics of cities, supporting urban policy and shaping the future of Smart Cities development.

Are Data Scientists the future CEOs?

Data scientists are increasing taking on leadership roles. Know how their background influences their leadership, product, and business strategies.

Data Science and AI for Social Good

AI applications are used in everyday lives at an accelerating pace, with great potential to benefit society. How can we ensure that?

Ethics and Regulation in AI

Questions have already arisen concerning the use of AI and the law, and there are ethical implications to such questions. Making sure AI is developed taking privacy, transparency and accountability in mind.


Nova SBE
Campus de Carcavelos, Rua da Holanda, n.1 
2775-405 Carcavelos