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Ethical Principles

1. To use DSPA resources and knowledge in the pursuit of the improvement of Humanity through Data Science, respecting the following dimensions:
    - Empathy - treat others as we would like to be treated
    - Pride and Dignity - always look for the optimal approach
    - Frugality - allocate resources sustainably, where they really matter

2. Respect the dignity of the Person as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

3. To uphold freedom of expression and to act without discrimination based on race, gender, disability, disability, sexual preference, political or ideological convictions, religion, education, marital status, geography or others.

4. Comply with data protection laws in place in the European Union.

5. To share, collaborate, promote and develop Data Science next to the market, universities, schools, government, municipalities, communities and associations that may benefit from it.

6. To free of charge investigate, analyze, validate, explain and share information, models and data, aimed at a better understanding of Humanity and to increase the quality of life of individuals and societies.

7. Always strive for the advancement of Knowledge, based on an eclectic and complementary vision of the different Sciences. 


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